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  • What's the story behind the name?
    I actually get this one a lot... HaXxXo - Started as a childhood nickname {Hakko} which I later changed to have XxX since I speak my mind and hate to be censored. ​ VtotheZ - This one is a bit simpler...kinda. Since I do a lot of my artist stuff on my own, I started going with the "I do everything" A-Z mentality. Then I realized VtotheZ sounded a bit better and since VtotheZ and my last name {Vazquez} had the same amount of letters, it worked out perfectly. Then I played with V^Z {"V" to the power of "Z"} and it stuck. There you go...still confused? Good...just go with it.
  • How did you get into music?
    As a kid I would tap, bang and make music with everything I could. One Christmas, my uncle bought me a copy of "MTV's Music Generator" for the Playstation 1 and I immediately began to create music. I was about 9 when I made my first song. In fact, many of my current songs were first envisioned on MTV Music Generator and later translated to professional DAWs.
  • What's your favorite genre of music?
    I got into The Prodigy really early on and loved their weird style. Once I heard German Hardstyle I got really into the whole electronica scene. After that I heard Trance and loved it. So Electronica {EDM} is pretty much my favorite genre because it's what I basically first started to produce.
  • What's your primary motivation for everything you do?
    My kids. I didn't have much growing up and while I never blamed my mom because I knew she tried her best, I still didn't want for my kids to struggle. Everything I do is to leave them with more than I had so that I could finally break the vicious cycle of poverty and abuse.
  • What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of pursuing your own brand/music/business?
    Doing everything yourself. I've been let down by managers, agents, producers, studio owners, execs and so many more. I finally got fed up trying to deal with other people and having to rely on them despite their inefficiencies and oftentimes, laziness. I decided to do everything myself from production, mastering, mixing, merchandising, social media, graphic design, web design, budgeting, marketing and basically learning how to run my own studio, production business, clothing line and more. That's why I use the phrase "I became everything" as my slogan. So while it is finally rewarding to finally get stuff done because I’m not relying on others, it’s stressful and does take a toll on me to have to do everything myself.
  • What are some of the most important things that you've learned about running your own studio and brand?
    This is hard! I mean, really hard. I thought I would just make music and become a household name within the year...nope. I had to learn marketing, social media stuff, best practices...just so much. I guess my biggest lesson was that I needed to take the time to learn the things I needed to do and become truly proficient in something if I wanted to to do. You need to step back and reevaluate sometimes.
  • What's the best advice you would give to someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
    Learn. Learn about everything. You might be excited about money, attention and even fame but if you put your life and future in the hands of others you will fail. Take classes on basic business operations, learn how the legal system works, understand contracts and licensing. Get hungry for growth and learning. You will fail at times but it's what you do afterwards that truly defines you. Get up and learn from your mistakes. Start small and grow...
  • How did you like the military?
    Like most things, the Marine Corps has its ups and downs but generally it was tough, cool and something I will always miss. If anyone wants to join the military I would say to do your research, study and plan on doing something that will teach you skills for when you leave the military.
  • Why did you get out?
    Again, my kids...the rats. It sucks to get off work at 6-7pm to drive an hour away in heavy traffic and get home to just feed them and put them to bed and do the same thing the next day. Children shouldn't spend the majority of their time at daycare. Not to mention deployments…I missed the birth of my oldest and couldn’t imagine being away from them again after that.
  • Do you offer any coupons?
    Of course. We actually offer more discounts than we've ever found on any other store online. Check them out on the Coupons + Discounts page.
  • How long does it take for me to receive my purchase?
    After purchase, most products have a 1-3 day processing time before they're shipped out. Some items are made to order so they may take a bit longer depending on the item. This is to help reduce waste and to eliminate the need to store large quantities of products. That means we can offer sales and discounts and don't have to scalp our customers with crazy "Handling and Processing" fees. Shipping time depends on your location. You can find out more Here. NOTE: Busy seasons such as holidays may delay orders.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Yes. Depending on what the issue is we can issue a refund or exchange. Learn more Here.
  • How can I get free stuff?
    We love when people share HaXxXo VtotheZ stuff across the internet. You can earn free stuff by Following, Liking, Tweeting and Sharing posts on social media. The best way to earn cool points is to buy something from the store, take a picture with what you bought {wearing or whatever} and either emailing it to us or posting it on social media and tagging @haxxxovtothez with the hashtag #IBUYHAXXXOMERCH Check out more perks by clicking on the REWARDS tab right below Hypnocat when viewing the website on a PC.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept Paypal, debit/credit cards and cash but only at live events.
  • Can I buy a gift card for someone else?
    Yep! You totally can. Lots of people do this once they buy something from the store and fall in love with it. It's an awesome way to spread the word about our stuff and get someone else into it. Check it out Here.
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