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HV^Z Studios Merch Vault

HV^Z Studios Merch Vault


The HV^Z Merch Vault is the only place you can buy all of the previously vaulted items from all HV^Z Studios brands across all sites and stores like Amazon, eBay and more. Once items are vaulted, those items are only available for purchase for a select few and are unavailable for purchase by the general public until the next Vault reopening at scheduled times throughout the year. Only site members, Premium VIP Subscribers and select members of "The Collective" are eligible to buy exclusive vaulted merch and limited edition items year round.


By doing this, the store here is only full of the best and most popular products based on selling popularity. Not only are vault re-openings special because you get access to previously vaulted designs but they also come with special discounts and other cool promotions.


Sign up to the mailing list and become a site member to get access to the HV^Z Studios Merch Vault, updates on the next vault reopening and tons of other cool perks like exclusive coupons, free giveaways and more. 

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